why choosing us as your attorney is the wise choice


The Wisely Law Firm has been serving residents of North Texas since 2001 in the areas of State and Federal Criminal Defense, Labor and Employment, and Family Litigation.


The Wisely Law Firm is committed to being accessible to our clients 24/7. Our clients are able to communicate directly with their Attorney via cell phone, email, and text. 


The Wisely Law Firm is sensitive to the fact that most clients are unaware of the legal process. So, we make it a point to keep our clients informed of their case every step of the way.


The Wisely Law Firm strives to maintain the highest standard of professionalism. We treat our clients, court personnel, and even our adversaries with the dignity and respect that we ourselves expect. 


The Wisely Law Firm takes great pride in the quality and precision of our work. From the drafting of legal documents to the advancement of legal arguments, everything is done with the greatest precision and care.


The Wisely Law Firm takes a results-oriented approach to every case. In doing so, we are able to immediately work toward the achievement of client-specific goals from the very first meeting.