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Rick, North Texas USA

"When no one is in your corner any longer, and when no-one has your back, honestly call Attorney Vincent Wisely. Law done the right way. A man of his word that honestly cares."

Christopher, North Texas USA

"Attorney Vincent Wisely represented my son in a recent Federal case. To say that he went above and beyond expectations is an understatement. No only did Mr. Wisely represent my son's legal interest, he took a personal interest in my son's well being...on a scale of 1 to 10, I give him an 11!"

Kyle, North Texas USA

"My experience with Attorney Vincent Wisely was great. I felt very comfortable knowing my case was being handled thoroughly and with care and concern. I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants an attorney that truly works for you."

Aaron, North Texas USA

"Outstanding individual! He went above and beyond to ensure that all avenues of my case were covered. He was encouraging when I needed it. Told me every scenario that may occur. I felt that he really cared about me and my family throughout everything. He is very professional and efficient. I would highly recommend him!"

Patricia, North Texas USA

"There are excellent, average, and bad attorneys but, definitely, I considered Attorney Vincent Wisely to be an excellent one. He is not only knowledgeable about the law, but he offers empathy, friendship, and a sense of security. In less than one week, he was ready to go to trial and defend me..."

Neil, North Texas USA

"I never have to worry about the advice or direction received from Attorney Vincent Wisely. I always know he is telling me the truth and guiding my path as if it was his own..."

Success Stories


Phillip, North Texas USA

"I used Attorney Vincent Wisely for a child custody modification. He was awesome! He's an attorney that will represent you with professionalism and a knowledge of the law that is unsurpassed. He responded to me when I needed him, even on his days off he made time for me. I cannot express enough how pleased I was with the outcome of my case, and the hard work Attorney Wisely did in representing me. I fully recommend him to anyone needing a top ace attorney to represent them!"


Craig, North Texas USA

"Attorney Vincent Wisely took over my case after another attorney had really botched it over a two month period and had charged me a substantial amount of money. I was going to be terminated (guaranteed) and come out with nothing. Attorney Wisely was able to negotiate a deal where I was able to retire with full benefits and clear my record along with a few other things...all in less than a week!"


Cary, North Texas USA

"Attorney Vincent Wisely helped save my job by successfully defending me against wrongful accusations in the workplace... Once he sent his first correspondence, the rightful wheels started turning, and without getting ugly or unprofessional, he mopped the floor up with them. I got my job, dignity, and respect back that I never should have lost due to this attorney!"

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